The Engineers of FCS are handpicked based on proven “hands on” experience from previous safety-critical embedded systems programs. Such experience includes Board Support Packages (BSP) and device driver experience, embedded system programing, performance awareness, and fault tolerance. New members without such experience are trained and qualified before field assignments.  Examples of such Engineers are:



Roscoe C. Ferguson, Jr. – Chief Engineer

Electrical Engineer/Computer Engineer and Management Information Systems via University of Houston Central Campus

  • Space Station Freedom (Pre-International Space Station)
  • Space Shuttle FSW
  • Orion FSW
  • Deep Space Program under NDA
  • Robotics
  • Active SAE Avionics Committee Member (Former SAE Avionics Committee Vice Chairman)


Shawn M. Bruman – Principle Engineer

Computer Science via Sam Houston State University

  • Space Shuttle FSW
  • Orion FSW
  • F-35
  • F-16
  • V-22
  • Bradley C4I
  • Hermes-90 UAV
  • Skylark UAV
  • Deep Space Program under NDA