System Design

| System Design

After the establishment of a well-defined architecture, the next important step is the design process. This phase realizes an architecture into a design to guide implementation. The quality of the design determines the effectiveness, maintainability, scalability, and stability of the system.

A design must ensure that the intended functionality and services are properly engineered within the building blocks of the system. These building blocks must be well organized to interact with each other and the external environment. There must be proper design decisions for both physical and logical platforms to support the intended needs of the customer and can be adaptable over the entire lifecycle. A good design must consider performance aspects upfront and the ability for insight into the state of the system for both normal and off-nominal scenarios.

A design must be well documented to promote system understanding for stakeholders and implementation. The design documentation should convey the information from various points of view and scenarios.

Ferguson Control Systems offers services to support or perform the system design process. Our team members have years of experience from previous safety-critical programs and can use this experience to help achieve success. We can work embedded within your organization for support or perform system design and deliver artifacts and recommendations.